Thursday, April 21, 2016

10 Day Advocare Cleanse 4/11- 4/20

I tried something new for the cleanse this time, I made my own food planner to help log what I have been eating.  It resembles the set-up of the 24 Day Challenge Guide provided by Advocare.  Provided below is my filled out 10 Day Cleanse and then an empty one for you to use!  I found this planner extremely helpful instead of trying to write in the margins of the the 24 Day Challenge Guide.  Also below is our weight loss results for the 10 Day Cleanse. I honestly condensed everything in one post this cleanse to save myself some time. Hopefully you find the planner beneficial! Happy Cleansing!! 

My 10 Day Cleanse Planner:


Blank 10 Day Cleanse Planner:

Weekly Planner

Weight loss Results for the 10 Day Cleanse:

Kyle lost 3lbs and Brittany lost 4.2 lbs.  At the end of the 24 Day Challenge we will update weight loss and measurements.

:) Happy Max-phasing! 

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