Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Day 11

Yesterday, we took a free day, we both behaved but didn't start the MNS phase until today. We also weighed in and measured since it was the end of the 10 Day Cleanse.  Brittany was able to lose 6 lbs and a total of 4 inches and Kyle was able to lose 2 lbs and a total of 2.5 inches! Today Brittany started the Lean in 13 with the MNS E and Kyle is going to continue doing the 24 Day Challenge with MNS 3.


Day 11:
  • Immediately upon rising (On an empty stomach): Fruit Punch Spark, Catalyst, MNS Color Pack #1 (30 minutes before breakfast)
  • Breakfast (Meal 1): Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake, MNS White Packets (both) 
  • Exercise: 2 mile run, Red Raspberry Rehydrate
  • Mid Morning Snack (Meal 2): 1/4 cup almonds
  • 30 minutes before lunch: MNS Color Pack
  • Lunch (Meal 3): Salad with Balsmic Vinegar topped with Tuna Salad (Hard-boiled Egg, Tuna and Avocado) 
  • Mid Afternoon Snack (Meal 4): Muscle Gain
  • Dinner (Meal 5):Canadian Bacon Egg cup and Cabbage
  • Exercise: WOW (Work Out of the Week), AMRAP (As Many Round As Possible), I was able to do 6 rounds in 21:06,  thanks for the great workout Can't Stop Won't Stop
  • Evening Snack (Meal 6):Hard boiled egg

Total Daily Water intake -  132 oz


Day 11:
  • Immediately upon rising (On an empty stomach - 30 minutes before breakfast): Fruit Punch Spark and MNS 3 Pack #1
  • Breakfast (Meal 1):  (3) Canadian bacon wraps. MNS White Packets (both)
  • Mid Morning Snack (Meal 2): Missed
  • MNS 3 Pack # 3 - 30 minutes before lunch
  • Lunch (Meal 3): Hummus crusted chicken, zucchini and brown rice. 4th pack of MNS 3.
  • Mid Afternoon Snack (Meal 4):  Mixed nuts with dried fruit, and Fruit Punch Spark 
  • Dinner (Meal 5): Low sodium tomato soup
  • Evening Snack (Meal 6): Apple rhubarb oatmeal
Total Daily Water intake -  94 oz

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