Sunday, January 11, 2015

All-In 24 Day Challenge: Day 5 Cleanse Phase


Day 5:
Thoughts: Had a good day, first 5K of the New Year, a 3 race series, called the Frozen Foot Race. It was nice to get out instead of being on the treadmill! As for the challenge, its hard to believe we are half way through the cleanse! For the first time during the challenge I have been keeping a menu for the week on the fridge, I have found that this has helped a lot with planning for the week! If you are struggling with not having time for meal prep, this has helped me a lot!

Total Daily Water intake - 96 oz


Day 5:
Thoughts: Today went well, but was tough. My sister had a birthday party for my nephew, and it was very hard to be there with all the food! I was able to stay away from it all, and only snack on carrots and my DB9 bar. It gets easier every day!

Total Daily Water intake - 82 oz

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