Friday, January 9, 2015

All-In 24 Day Challenge: Day 3 Cleanse Phase


Day 3:
  • Immediately upon rising (On an empty stomach): Mandarin Orange SparkCatalyst (3 tablets)
  • Breakfast (Meal 1):  Fiber Drink, multi-grain rice cake with natural peanut butter and a banana
  • Mid Morning Snack (Meal 2): Pistachios and grapefruit
  • Lunch (Meal 3): Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake
  • Mid Afternoon Snack (Meal 4): Apple 
  • Pre-workout (30 minutes before workout): Catalyst
  • Workout: 3.2 miles
  • Dinner (Meal 5): Chicken & Shrimp stir fry and rice and Omegaplex (2 tablets)
  • Evening Snack (Meal 6):  Baked Fruit with oatmeal topping, see recipe below, it was so good and a perfect sweet tooth buster!
  • Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse tablets
Thoughts: Today is my birthday, it's crazy to me that I have been around for 28 years. Everyone keeps asking me if I feel "old" and I am happy to say that I do not! :) Today was a nice day, spent home relaxing with Bryce while Kaylynn was at school and then spent the evening with my family celebrating my birthday. You know you are loved when your mom a make a Clean birthday meal that you can actually enjoy while on the challenge :) I am loved! She even made a yummy dessert! Off to Success School in Albany, New York in the AM!

Total Daily Water intake - 114 oz


Day 3:
  • Immediately upon rising (On an empty stomach): Mandarin Orange Spark
  • Breakfast (Meal 1): Fiber Drink, (1) banana and Pumpkin Spice Meal Replacement Shake
  • Mid Morning Snack (Meal 2): Peanuts
  • Lunch (Meal 3): Salad with grape tomatoes and  homemade Italian dressing. Hard boiled egg
  • Mid Afternoon Snack (Meal 4): Fruit Punch Spark and an orange
  • Dinner (Meal 5):  Chicken stir fry and rice. Baked Fruit with oatmeal topping. Omegaplex (2 tablets)
  • Evening Snack (Meal 6): Pistachios and grapes
  • Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse tablets
Total Daily Water intake - 99 oz

Clean Fruit Crumble

-1 jar peaches in juice no sugar added,
  -strawberries, blueberries, peaches 1/2 bag each
-one cup oatmeal 
-a little cinnamon mix and sprinkle on top
-1/2 c Apple cider poured over everything 

Bake at 375 for an hour or until bubbly 

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