Wednesday, May 21, 2014

24 Day Challenge: Day 3 Cleanse Phase

Day 3:

  • Immediately upon rising (On an empty stomach): Grape Spark, Catalyst (3)
  • Pre-Breakfast: Fiber Drink stir in 8 oz of water, drink quickly and follow with another 8oz water
  • Breakfast (Meal 1): 2 eggs with salsa and an orange
  • Mid Morning Snack (Meal 2): 2 rice cakes, hummus and watermelon
  • Lunch (Meal 3):  Left over Spaghetti Squash Bowl
  • Mid Afternoon Snack (Meal 4): Advobar
  • Dinner (Meal 5): Grilled Chicken with grilled zucchini and potato packs, Omegaplex (2)
  • Evening Snack (Meal 6): Grapefruit
  • Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse Tablets

Water intake- 125 oz

Feeling: The third day is always my hardest day, its pretty bad when you are making your kids lunch and drooling while you put pretzels on their plates! Haha I do have to say carbs are certainly a weakness, but usually after today my body is getting used to not having the sugar and carbs!

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