Wednesday, September 4, 2013

AdvoCare Intro & 24 Day Challenge for Breastfeeding Mom's: Day 1

Hello Everyone! I wanted to create this blog for two reasons, one for my family and friends who are also doing the challenge and are looking for some yummy meal ideas and second, to keep track of my progress and feelings about the challenge! So here it is for Day 1:

I also want to point out that I am doing a slightly modified program because I am currently breast feeding our 5 month old son! I got this plan from 24 Day-Challenge-for-Breastfeed-Moms.pdf
Day 1:  

As soon as I woke up I jumped on the scale (before drinking the spark and fiber drink) for an accurate reading.  I am happy to state that I only have 10 lbs to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight of 145lbs, which was a big reason for me doing the challenge!

- Immediately upon rising (On an empty stomach) :  Drink Fruit Punch Spark, Take (3) Catalyst, Take (1) Probiotic Restore ULTRA and drank the Fiber Drink (followed by a full glass of water)

-20 - 30 minutes later for Breakfast  (Meal 1): I  drank my Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake and took 2 OmegaPlex and one Prenatal vitamin.

Mid Morning Snack (Meal 2): I had 1/3 cup of sunflower seeds and an apple.

Lunch (Meal 3):  I had a grilled chicken salad with strawberries, blueberries and sliced apples with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Mid Afternoon Snack (Meal 4): I had an AdvoBar Raw.

Dinner (Meal 5): I had a "Zesty Bun-less Burger" which I found in the 24 Day Challenge Cookbook, I topped it with half of an avacado, tomato slices and some romaine lettuce.  For my low glycemic carb, I had a sweet potato with some cinnamon sprinkled on top!  I really enjoyed the burger as well as the sweet potato ( I must be honest I never had one without some brown sugar!), and (2) OmegaPlex

Exercise: Insanity Day 17

Evening Snack (Meal 6): I had a scoop of my Chocolate Muscle Gain shake mixed with a frozen banana and ice ( a PERFECT way to end the day after my workout!)

Feelings:  Today was a pretty busy day with taking Kaylynn to her first day of school and I felt like my energy levels were good all day!  I do have to say by the afternoon I was counting down the minutes till my mid afternoon snack but that was the only time I felt any "hunger pains".  I was also very surprised that I made it passed the 1 gallon of water per day that they suggested!  It was helpful to be able to count the Spark, Fiber Drink, Meal Replacement Shake and the Muscle Gain toward the daily water consumption!

If you have stumbled across this site and have questions about Advocare or the 24 Day Challenge please visit Our Site, our Facebook page AdvoCarePAChampions or feel free to e-mail me at Thanks!

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